Wednesday, December 21, 2011

iPad and iPhone Music

Since we are in the last week before winter break, all classes have been doing sing-along with a few YouTube videos interspersed. One of the favorites has been around for over a year now. It is North Point's iBand in which they play several songs using only borrowed iPads and iPhones. The kids are fascinated by this and always ask about which apps are being used. Not all the apps are free. In fact, a few of them are quite pricey. In most cases (the exceptions being Bebot and possibly Melody Bell) there is a free app that will accomplish the same thing. Also keep in mind that iPhone apps will frequently work on the iPad and are sometimes cheaper. Apps listed as iPhone apps will also frequently work on an iPod Touch. Here's the list:

NLog Midi Synth $4.99 for iPhone
NLog Synth PRO $14.99 for iPad (I'm not sure which one of these they actually used.)
SoundGrid $0.99 for iPad/iPhone
Melody Bell $0.99 for iPhone
iGOG: Massive Drums $2.99 for iPhone
Bassist $3.99 for iPhone
Pocket Organ C3B3 $2.99 for iPad/iPhone
Percussions $3.99 for iPad/iPhone
Pianist Pro $4.99 for iPad
Pianist $3.99 for iPhone (again, I'm not sure which one of these they actually used.)
Saxophone Musicofx $0.99 for iPhone
Guitarist $3.99 for iPhone
Bebot - Robot Synth $1.99 for iPad/iPhone

There is one more app which was used for the singing portion of Feliz Navidad, but the app is rated 12+ and I'm not comfortable linking to it on this blog for elementary students.

Update: I'm pretty sure that Guitar Studio is also used in the iBand Video. It is $4.99 for iPhone.

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