Friday, February 24, 2012

5th Grade Folk Dancing

We do a lot of folk dancing in our classroom. In the past few weeks, we've tried out two new (well, they are new to me) folk dances. I recorded fifth graders doing the dances. These videos were done in one "take" with no warning to the students until a minute before we shot the video. Here they are:

This is Mr. Koetter's class doing "The Boston Tea Party." We love the step that is called "dip and dive." There are too many students to fit in the video at one time, so I spent a couple of minutes showing each set.

This is Mrs. Lavin's class doing "Sashay the Donut." It is super fun!


  1. Hi, I love The Boston Tea Party! Our 5th graders do a "Colonial Day" in the spring, and this would be great to share! Can you tell me what music you used? Thanks!

  2. What music did you use with Boston Tea Party? I know it says any jig or reel, but I liked the music you chose. Thank you.