Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Ukes are Coming! The Ukes are Coming!

Woo hoo! I learned late last week that our DonorsChoose.org project for ukuleles has been fully funded! We had one large donation from a local family and then the remainder of the project was funded by the Horace Mann Insurance Company. I am very grateful for the support of those two donors. I really didn't expect the project to be funded this year, but it looks like we'll get to use them yet this spring. The ukuleles were ordered on April 20! I can hardly wait until they get here. I haven't told the students yet, so we'll see if the news leaks out to them this way.

My plan is for 5th Graders to get to learn to play the ukuleles. It will be a couple of weeks before we are able to start. First of all, the ukuleles need to get here. Secondly, we are finishing a unit on band/orchestra instruments and then I have the iPad lab reserved for a GarageBand project. Then we will start with the ukuleles. We sure have a lot to fit into these last few weeks of school.

The timing of this news is perfect since I just started teaching the song Count On Me by Bruno Mars to the 5th graders. We were just discussing the ukulele because he plays it in the video.

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