Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Native American Hoop Dancing

We had a special morning of music today. Instead of our regular PE, music, and art classes, we had a guest speaker for all students in grades 2-5. Fern Cloud came to teach us about Native American Hoop Dancing. Each grade level was able to spend 50 minutes with her. Fern talked about the symbolism of the hoop and the colors on it (the life cycle, the seasons, the day/night, the people of the earth). Then she demonstrated a hoop dance that was called The Global Dance. She formed the hoops into a globe at the end.

After the dance demonstration, she taught the students some hoop dancing. Here are a few pictures from the morning.

I really learned a lot from Fern and I'm hoping the students enjoyed their time with her and will remember what they've learned about Native American Hoop Dancing.

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