Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exciting News: Donors Choose Project Funded!

I recently got some exciting news from DonorsChoose.org. A project I posted called The Magic of Movement and Music was funded! Thanks to a generous local donor and a donor from Texas, the project was funded half way. CenturyLink (formerly Quest) matched those donations and completed funding. This means our music classroom will be receiving a bucket of tennis balls, some small parachutes, and a bunch of colorful lummi sticks. We'll use these movement props to activate our music learning. I have some exciting things planned. Last spring, I purchased a book that was written by a music teacher friend from Wisconsin. It is full of music listening activities which incorporate tennis balls. As soon as the tennis balls arrive, we'll be diving into a few of those activities. The materials have been ordered and should make their appearance in our classroom very soon.

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